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What Is Buttermilk? Everything You Need to Know

Buttermilk is an ingredient that sometimes might be very hard for you to get in shops and the only way is for you to get substitutes. From the definition, buttermilk is usually milk that is fermented and it is thicker than milk. Sometimes it can be prepared from cultured milk being added bacteria. If you need to prepare your own buttermilk, it is very simple once you have a recipe. If you may be hearing buttermilk for the first time, then this is the place where you will get to learn more about the buttermilk. Have a look at the key things that you need to know about buttermilk

Buttermilk is something which is thicker as compared to the regular milk that you know. When it comes to the taste of the real buttermilk, it has a sweeter and subtle flavor which gives it a distinctive tang. There is a great difference between buttermilk and the fresh dairy milk that we know. Buttermilk is usually made from fermenting of milk products while milk is usually fresh. You can also use the churning butter liquid to quickly prepare buttermilk. The benefits of buttermilk to your health are numerous. Buttermilk is rich in proteins and less in fats. When you are consuming buttermilk, then you have taken high amounts of calcium and fewer calories.

If you think that visiting the grocery it will be simple for you to get the real buttermilk, then you are wrong. Preparing the buttermilk from the comfort of your home is what is recommended. Also, if you live near a dairy farm that produces butter, then you will have greater chances of getting the real buttermilk to buy. Spend time to visit the local farmers market since here you might also be lucky to get the real buttermilk. After you have prepared the buttermilk, you need to store it in a refrigerator. You can choose to freeze it to last three months or just storge under low temperatures to last up to three weeks. Some noticeable signs will tell you that the buttermilk has gone bad when overstayed which are molds, appearance being thick and chunky.

Now when it comes to the use of buttermilk, you need to know that it can be used in different ways. It is mainly used by some people for baking biscuits and also scones, while others will use it for salad dressing. If you are not aware of the buttermilk substitute, then it is full-fat yogurt. Similarity in their flavors is what makes it to be used as the substitute. When it comes to using the buttermilk, you need to know that there are no limits and you can come up with your own recipe as well. When you consider many country recipes, then buttermilk is common. If you need to understand buttermilk in clear terms, this is fermented dairy milk.

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